4 tips from veterans-turned-‘Flip or Flop’ stars for your next military move

Realty meets reality TV … get some guidance from the Williams family.

Source: 4 tips from veterans-turned-‘Flip or Flop’ stars for your next military move

I admit that this inspiring story by Natalie Gross is uplifting to me as the married couple featured Andy Williams and Ashley Williams seem both very much passionately in love with each other and you can see through their self confident eyes that both appear to be in a happy blissful place that they are performing in a career path that is part of their spiritual life purpose/ heaven inspired career destiny.


4 Tips From Veterans Turned Flip or Flop Stars For Your Next Military Move by Natalie Gross




Army to Begin Fielding Long-Awaited MRE Pizza This Month

The U.S. Army plans to field a shelf-stable pepperoni pizza entrée for Meals, Ready-to-Eat beginning this month.

Source: Army to Begin Fielding Long-Awaited MRE Pizza This Month

I admit that this coming across this link is more or less an indirect influence of my job as even though it centers on MREs, the reference to pizza is discussed, a food that even I have seen is popular among many of the customers sometimes even on themed nights.


Army To Begin Fielding Long Awaited MRE Pizza This Month by Matthew Cox


The Navy wants to hire thousands more sailors in 2018

Overall, the Navy’s budget received a $6.5 billion boost over the funding levels proposed last year in the final Obama administration budget.

Source: The Navy wants to hire thousands more sailors in 2018

I preface sharing this navy times article of more sailors being hired in 2018 by acknowledging that I am intuitively and logically aware that I am blessed/charmed/luck to have the job that I have with leaders who treat me well. Additionally,I admit that I am just following my intuition to keep and share four articles pertaining to the topic of hiring for some present and future reference research. Currently, I am going to work on during the month of March 2018 and April 2018 just applying for second jobs that would complement the schedule of my current job which would allow me to have two jobs. I had to preface this being intuitively aware that it was necessary to do so as I am learning that other people may speak for you unless you learn to speak for yourself.


The Navy Wants to Hire Thousands More Sailors in 2018 by David B Larter


Aviator vying to be Navy’s first female CO of an aircraft carrier

Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt is looking to make history again.

I admit in honor of Women’s History month this article by Victoria Leoni pertaining to a woman aiming to be the first female commanding officer of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier catches my attention. The woman’s name is Amy Bauernschmidt.


Aviator vying to be Navy’s first female CO of an aircraft carrier by Victoria Leoni


Source: Aviator vying to be Navy’s first female CO of an aircraft carrier

The busiest ships, subs and squadrons — who’s really away from home the most?

The reality of how much time individual sailors spend away from home might surprise you.I actually saw this one of a kind link by Mark Faram yesterday. I was stationed on two different ships (a destroyer class ship and an aircraft carrier) during my time in the navy and an aviation squadron attached to an aircraft carrier and the information provided in the article seems informative as I do remember the at sea schedules being set up different just from the 3 places I mentioned being stationed at (the destroyer class ship in Yokosuka Japan USS O’Brien, HS-6 aviation squadron in North Island California, and the aircraft carrier the USS Eisenhower based out of Norfolk Virginia).

Source: The busiest ships, subs and squadrons — who’s really away from home the most?

The 20 Friendliest Cities in America

The good old USA frequently ranks among the world’s friendliest countries, but residents of the most affable American cities go above and beyond mere courtesy by offering a genuine smile, salutation, or helping hand. Whether you’re a tourist, a recent transplant, or a native, the goodwill you’ll witness in these stateside locales may rub off on you.

Source: The 20 Friendliest Cities in Americaan interesting Bob Vila article on different cities across the U.S. 

Lawmakers Push for Military Access to Food Assistance Program

Some service members can be disqualified from programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,

Source: Lawmakers Push for Military Access to Food Assistance ProgramI admit that both my husband and I have been fortunate to be foodstamp free and even when I was in the military we were also foodstamp free. However, neither my husband or I would not dare judge anyone on foodstamps because I am voluntarily childfree and even I intuitively and logically understand that a man or a woman who has children is naturally going to have different money needs (I’m saying this as someone who has nothing against parents or children and as an American born woman who was lucky to be adopted by an American born Caucasian woman of French descent and an American born man of Mexican and Aztec descent who did the best they can with providing for me and my siblings). I just wish that I would have told my late adoptive mother that I appreciated that she adopted me (she died in 2002 before I realized how lucky I was that she adopted me). However I at least had the chance to tell my late adoptive father that I am grateful he adopted me before he passed away back in July 2017.

As fleet grows, it’s a good time to be in the Navy

Adding 25,000 sailors will correspond with a spike in new opportunities for sailors.

Source: As fleet grows, it’s a good time to be in the Navy
To be very fair the U.S. Navy does take care of you financially speaking as I speak from experience as I was making over 3 grand a month after taxes before I voluntarily left the U.S. Navy and received and honorable discharge in 2009. However, the caveat to the U.S. Navy, and why I think they are always going to need more people despite the good pay is the fact that there is really no such thing as a work life balance if you stationed on a naval ship especially an aircraft carrier. Yes you are given the tools you need to succeed in your job and you might get a chance to get off early from work on some days. However I am lucky to have married a husband who I met through the navy in August 2002 as he was understanding of many of the work hours that were expected of me being stationed on a ship. We met in Yokosuka Japan and he was an E-5 stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk and I met him as an E-4 stationed on the USS O’Brien. Anyhow,For instance, during the time I was on the USS Eisenhower I sometimes got the privilege of coming in at 7 am and being off by 12 pm the same day or sooner especially if one of the leaders of the workplace I was assigned to wanted to ensure that everyone had enough time off after work to enjoy themselves especially before the Eisenhower went out to sea. However, it was also sometimes far from unusual to be expected to come in by 7 am and sometimes expect to maybe leave by 7 or 8pm if you can perform a good case of explaining why you need to be let off. Once again I was and still am blessed with a sweet husband who was understanding and us being voluntarily childfree made things easier if I’m honest (with nothing against parents or kids). My point-I understand that a person has to create their own work life balance whether married andor wishing to be married whether male or female and I am very fortunate that my current job gives me an abundant amount of free time.  I am thinking this is why I  admit that I took for granted the high number of parents in the navy who were understanding of my decision to voluntarily remain child-free even with me being married and why I encountered more judgement of my decision to voluntarily be child-free by others once I returned to civilian life. However, even with the U.S. Navy’s generous pay I truly think that the Navy is always going to need qualified men and women even in a challenging economy because the schedule and demands of the U.S. Navy life require a very open minded and understanding spouse (if you are married) or partner (for those who want to be married andor are satisfied with whatever personal life status they have).

Navy channeling Willy Wonka — offering ‘golden tickets’ to return after getting out

The Navy is planning to grow to the tune of 25,000 more sailors over the next five years, and this is one way the service hopes to reach that goal.

Source: Navy channeling Willy Wonka — offering ‘golden tickets’ to return after getting outThere was no such program when I voluntarily left the navy in 2009 yet I think that the golden ticket is a good idea especially if a male or female sailor is temporarily moving to another area that is completely different from the state they resided in for their final duty station in the U.S. Navy as it is common knowledge that only some sailors stay in the same state of their final military duty station before being honorably discharged.