A Rush of Occult Power

The Gallery of Magick

What happens when you perform ten different rituals at once? Do the effects cancel each other out, or do you build up a rush of occult power?

Now that Magickal Riches has been released, one of the questions I get asked the most often is, ‘How much magick can I do at once?’ As the book says, you can do all the rituals at once if you have the time and energy. Sometimes, when you combine rituals, you get better effects. Some of the rituals are deliberately designed to work in harmony with each other. But is it possible to do too much magick at once?

It depends on why you want to perform so many rituals. There is a difference between focus and desperation. If you are performing a lot of magick because you want to tackle a problem with everything you’ve got, that kind of focus can yield…

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