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Gavin Rossdale Reportedly Wants Half Of Gwen Stefani’s $120 Million Fortune For Being A Stay-At-Home Dad Read more at:

I’m grateful to be relaxing today because I’m off work tonight and hanging out with a friend in a few hours. However, I truthfully must avoid weighing in on this because I’m not a parent and I understand that only other parents (both wealthy and poor)can truly judge this. I admit that the divorce news between Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani was actually shocking to me because I thought that they would last as a couple partially because of both the love for their kids and their wealth that would afford them time to spend time together while having the nannies look after the kids on their date nights out.  In addition, I’m guessing from the news story that he probably wanted to stay married both out of love for his wife and for their children (not saying that she didn’t want to either).  It is just that the reason why I want to avoid passing judgement on either party (Gavin Rossdale or Gwen) is because it is written in the article that Gavin Rossdale is partially asking for the financial support to help compensate for the years he looked after their kids as a stay at home dad while supporting Gwen Stefani in financially building up her brand. Additionally, Gavin Rossdale is definitely not going to be the last father asking for spousal support due to the increased expectation in our society that the father may be expected to stay home for the kids if the mother figure is making more money (as the emphasis increases on the high status of women becoming both financially successful career women as well as mothers).  I emphasize that I obviously see nothing wrong with a mother making more money than her partner as he or she stays home to look after their kids (i.e.  stay home parent whether the mother or father is doing it). I’m just saying that as an outside observer looking in that this is obviously going to continue to happen in increasing numbers as the years go by with the stay home father phenomenon becoming even more popular in wealthy families in both this century and beyond.


The 50 most powerful companies in America

With confidence that I’m going to live to be at least 60-85 years old, I jokingly say to please avoid shooting the messenger (when it comes to sharing this Business Insider story on The 50 Most Powerful Companies in America)


To Get a Job in Your 50s, Maintain Friendships in Your 40s

SEPT. 26, 2015

I actually received some informative details recently that many job hires new to an industry can sometimes leapfrog past other applicants due to their connections and/or relationships to others based in the field that they are trying to pursue. Obviously, a manager discreetly in the process of looking at various opportunities (either inside or outside the company)may more likely have different network and friendship connections than the same person at the non-management level (whether also looking for other opportunities within their company and/or in the process of switching careers). However, the only caveat to following the advice in this article rests on being able to homestead in the same area long-term (which is very possible to do if a person works in the privae sector and/or is only in the military part-time). However, homesteading may be trickier for people who in certain jobs that may be ok with staying in a certain area but may be required to move every 2-3 years (such as those in the active duty military, I have met some who got to stay in the same area for a long period of time while I met a male who greatly enjoyed his time in the navy and wanted to stay in but was  planning on getting out of the navy because he wanted to stay in Florida but he was being forced to leave Florida and get stationed overseas). He told me that it was also because he had just bought a house in Florida that he was hesitant to give up (even with him being on active duty navy).

My New Book! (And 3 Steps I Use To Manifest Anything)

I concur with the others on the positives of this article, especially the healing affirmation as I’m in the process of increasing my feelings of worthiness. I’m also in the process of working on listening to my intuition better to knock on the right doors at the right time (lately I have knocked on good opportunities but had to keep searching due to a situation with either needing a car and/or more frequent availability). For example, I received a call back to where the person was actually fine with me searching out a second job opportunity. However, I was unable to take it because of the car issue (on the plus side she said that would still keep me in mind for the future in the case I’m able to purchase a car sooner rather than later). I’m humbly grateful to have directly seen the issue and to have been considered for the 2nd job issue, but I know that I only have myself to blame because I understand that it is my responsibility to knock on the right doors at the right time for me. Additionally, I intuitively figured out that one of my other blocks was making sure to make up my mind on what state and area I intend to live in long-term regardless of my income and set a deadline for taking action on  moving to the area regardless of what I have lined up (I finally have my mind made up on the relocation issue but I must keep it secret for now for both practical and spiritual reasons especially because  I promised my husband I would at least stay in this area for this year regardless of how my professional situation transpires)

SOCIAL 50: The best people on the internet right now

Yes, the title is probably a little controversial, but the Business Insider list has an eclectic mix of people from areas such as the occult, writing instagrams, Hulu, and more.

my passion in music compels me to share, I’m also keeping the door open for music writing (but under a pen name if I do)


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