Don’t Let the “Ism” Steal Your Dream. – Colette Baron-Reid | The Oracle | Free Oracle Card Readings

Please know that my comments are in no way meant to offend those going after their dreams who are from other countries, are women, and are at an age where many people get judgemental of others changing careers past a certain age. I’m just framing my comments by what I have experienced.As with many others, I feel that this article indirectly pertained to one of the concerns that I have had to face but feel uncomfortable admitting on a public forum (for me it has been a some instances involving my gender, how others perceive my level of deserving to pursue my dreams because of my age, and my perceived country of origin even though I’m actually an American born U.S. citizen). I wish to avoid talking about it out of concern for offending others, but I thank you for publishing the article as confirmation from my higher self to still go after certain professional dreams regardless of what even my most popular and/or most charismatic critics think.  I do believe that it is spiritual synchronicity from my higher self that I came across this article within the past 7 days and I received an e-mail link connected to Enoch Tan and Alan Tutt 9this morning)that opened my eyes to helping me realize that I must fix my beliefs (which I’m ashamed to admit that I now realize have also been one of the root causes of my isms that I have just listed even during the times I took action towards my dreams. These are only a few reasons why I’m thankful to have received this article in my inbox.


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