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Friends hold touching memorial for Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend in LA – as it’s revealed she took her life after ‘her mother called her a FAILURE’ following split from comedian

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It is tragic that Cathriona White has took her life in the way she did and much of her dirty laundry is being aired because she was in love with Jim Carrey. However, it is not Jim Carrey’s fault that she took her own life or her husband’s.  I’m fortunate to be intuitively and logically aware that what you believe about yourself and your capabilities and potential to shape your life are more important than what even your most intelligent/gifted critics think (regardless of even if it is from someone you secretly admire and/or respect). She may not have been aware that what she believes about herself even in the face of her own adversity matters more than what others think (even her own mother who she probably did love dearly). I do agree with an online comment that I saw where it was implied that what might have brought both Cathriona White and Jim Carrey together was their shared intent to make others happy (her through her occupation as a makeup artist and Jim Carrey through both his work as a comedian and an actor). It was clear that Cathriona White had much love and appreciation for the family members and friends that were a part of her life. However, whether this story came from Jim Carrey’s team of publicists or from publicists affiliated with any of Carrey’s rivals/critics do not matter. What matters is that compassion and well wishes for the friends and family (who cared about her) that White left behind as well as both the husband and Jim Carrey must be considered because the people left behind that are emotionally hurting from Cathriona White’s suicide are being overlooked. It is apparently clear that her family members and friends that are left behind are grieving for Cathriona White, However, both White’s husband and Jim Carrey are probably sad and shocked that Cathriona White committed suicide as well (regardless of who dumped whom).

Are these the best cruise lines in the world? The award winning ships making waves feature Nobu cuisine, West End shows and mystery itineraries

  • Cruise Critic awarded best lines across 25 categories with P&O Cruises’ Britannia crowned ‘Best New Ship’
  • With its ongoing partnership with Michelin-starred chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Crystal Cruises won ‘Best Luxury’ line
  • Thrill-seekers can go dog sledding with huskies and sleep in an ice hotel with ‘Best Adventure’ winner Hurtigruten  
  • Royal Caribbean praised as ‘Best Entertainment’ for ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Mamma Mia!’ West End transfers


PUBLISHED: 08:53 EST, 7 October 2015 | UPDATED: 13:15 EST, 7 October 2015

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Brighten up your holiday: From heartwarming hues in Havana to pastels in Porto… the world’s most colourful cities

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Elite colleges now want students to start their applications when they’re 14

Updated by Libby Nelson on October 8, 2015, 9:30 a.m. ET @libbyanelson

The 25 most ruthless leaders of all time

DICTATORS’ WIVES CLUB: Meet 16 Women Married To The World’s Biggest Despots

The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physics genius, but the mystery he finds most intriguing is women

11 Ideas From Music-Theme Events

8 Candy-Inspired Cocktails for Halloween Parties

10 Event Rules From New York Comic Con Planner Lance Fensterman

The man behind C2E2, BookCon, and this week’s 150,000-attendee New York Comic Con shares how he takes care of his team, keeps his guests informed, and remembers to have fun.


39 of the most beautiful castles in the world

The Top 10 Best PR Movies Of All Time

What TV Series Do Rich And Smart People Watch? You Might Be Surprised

The Richest and Poorest Shows on Network TV – From ‘Modern Family’ to ‘Bob’s Burgers’

My husband already enjoys watching Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy,American Dad, and Castle so I pretty much doubt that this list will make him less likely to continue watch those shows.  However, even I admit that this is still interesting to look at.

Money steps to take before your 40th birthday

Nearly half of ‘Mad Men’ households make more than $100K

Reel-to-real couples: 13 relationships that blossomed on-screen and off

Famous TV and Movie Houses

Don’t Let the “Ism” Steal Your Dream.

By Colette Baron-ReidOctober 4, 2015Uncategorized50 Comments

Please know that my comments are in no way meant to offend those going after their dreams who are from other countries, are women, and are at an age where many people get judgemental of others changing careers past a certain age. I’m just framing my comments by what I have experienced.As with many others, I feel that this article indirectly pertained to one of the concerns that I have had to face but feel uncomfortable admitting on a public forum (for me it has been a some instances involving my gender, how others perceive my level of deserving to pursue my dreams because of my age, and my perceived country of origin even though I’m actually an American born U.S. citizen). I wish to avoid talking about it out of concern for offending others, but I thank you for publishing the article as confirmation from my higher self to still go after certain professional dreams regardless of what even my most popular and/or most charismatic critics think.  I do believe that it is spiritual synchronicity from my higher self that I came across this article within the past 7 days and I received an e-mail link connected to Enoch Tan and Alan Tutt 9this morning)that opened my eyes to helping me realize that I must fix my beliefs (which I’m ashamed to admit that I now realize have also been one of the root causes of my isms that I have just listed even during the times I took action towards my dreams. These are only a few reasons why I’m thankful to have received this article in my inbox.

Top Picks for Great Gaming, Music, and Entertainment Experiences

The ultimate feel-good playlist: 10 best songs to improve your mood

The Incredibly Inspiring Journey of a Blind Entrepreneur Who Built a $70 Million Company

Isaac Lidsky has been a child actor and a Supreme Court clerk. For his third act, he has overcome blindness to turn ODC Construction into a thriving business.

The Incredible Power of Believing in Yourself

I reluctantly admit that I have been overlooking my own beliefs and double checking how much I have really believed in myself when taking action towards my dreams. My research into beliefs is inspired also by an article I recently came across affiliated with an e-mail newsletter called Enoch mindreality and a website link connected with both Michael Lee and Alan Tutt (author listed through their newsletter who is credited with a book called Choose to Believe).  Anyhow, my increased interest in taking my a look at my own beliefs also relates to my intuitive understanding that I can either be my own best friend or toughest critic when it comes to accomplishing more in my professional life and other areas of my life.

People in DC Spend More on Books and Magazines Than Anywhere Else in US

And the fourth-most on public transit.

Meet Your Local Heroes: Sisters Helping Breast Cancer Survivors

Area women who have made it their life’s mission to help breast cancer survivors thrive.

Introducing The Alexandria Style Book

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

New restaurants, moving furniture and a natural high

Watching Critically Acclaimed TV Makes You a Better Person

This totally justifies your Mad Men addiction.

Senate OKs Massive Defense Bill, Sends Measure to Obama

Army Delays Discharge of Soldier Who Confronted Accused Afghan Rapist

Military retirement overhaul: Congress is on board — so what comes next?

Michelle Phan And Kelly Osbourne On The Business Of Beauty

How Millennial Newlyweds Paid Off $100K Debt And Took On A Side Hustle

How Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, and 19 Other Successful People Rebounded After Getting Fired

What may initially feel like failure may just be the launching pad needed for success.


Business Insider

I’m actually humbly grateful for my current job and prefer to keep it for at least another 6-9 months at a minimum. However, my intuition kept prompting me to share this article (despite my logical judgement after realizing recently the power of my own beliefs in connection with the reality that I’ve had a part in creating).

8 Unusual Hobbies of the Rich and Successful

As I share this last link on facebook for today I preface that I’m grateful for what I already have. However, this article piqued my curiosity to check out and share.

How Successful People Make Smart Decisions

One more facebook link for October 8 for sure

Seven-Time Lottery Winner Offers Tips to Powerball Winner

Julie Leach, Fiberglass Factory Employee, Wins $310.5 Million Powerball

And the $310 million Powerball winner is…

Krysia Lenzo@KrysiaLenzo

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2015 | 11:50 AM ET

Couple win lottery draw for second time in 2 years

Alexandra Gibbs@alexgibbsy

Thursday, 2 Apr 2015 | 10:16 AM ET

Links for my future successful usage in some way


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