Friday October 16 2015 Website Links

I Stella Carrier humbly acknowledge that these links came from other websites

&pizza, Rasika, Le Diplomate and the rest of your choices for the best of D.C. dining in 2015

Big Stone Gap

Halloween Guide 2015

Transcending the Worst of Times

Best-selling author of ‘The Glass Castle’ Jeannette Walls takes us on a tour of her life.

The French Chef Who Taught DC How To Eat

Story by Luke Jerod Kummer

PHOTOS: Here’s Proof that Guy Fieri Was in DC Today

Travel’s Best Cruises 2015 Advisors

What Do Top Chefs Buy At The Grocery Store?

Georgetown Cupcake Sisters Shed 100 Pounds

by ABC News Videos 2:43 mins


How the Georgetown Cupcake Sisters Lost 100 Lbs. — Without Having to Give Up Their Favorite Treat

Padma Lakshmi on Losing the Top Chef Weight: ‘I’m Working Out Every Single Day

Anne Hathaway’s Extreme Diet: Actress Reportedly Embraces Strict Eating Schedule To Stay Thin


Virginia is home to one of the greatest state park systems in the country.

The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show
The Ultimate Food Lover’s Weekend
October 15, 2015

The Price of an M.B.A. at This School? Free

Arizona State’s W. P. Carey School of Business will offer its full-time M.B.A. program at no cost

The Wall Street Journal


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