8 Steps to Take When You’re 20 Years From Retirement I cringe to admit that I’m currently only able to implement just some of the information in this article. However, again something within me, compelled me to keep this link for my future reference and/or for anyone else curious to check out the link. It is a dream of mine to actually have work skills that would help me stay gainfully employed , prosperous, and have room for spiritual growth until the day that I die (which I pray will not be until the year 2078 or later). However, the practical side of me also understands that I must also take some of these retirement articles seriously because of the controversial issue of ageism that is rumored to be prevalent in both the private sector job pools and certain areas of civilian government job pools.

When you’re in your 40s, you’re still in a good position to institute changes that can make a big difference in your retirement savings.

Source: 8 Steps to Take When You’re 20 Years From Retirement


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