Bernie’s New Immigration Plan I’m a pro-immigration American born female (with Menominee Indian maternal family members)who intends to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but even I’m unsure how to take the news of this article involving Bernie Sanders and his plan to bring back deported immigrants to the U.S. I do understand his stance about bringing back spouses of American citizens. The reasons- I knew a Caucasian American female in Orlando Florida who loved her children dearly and did not want her husband deported for the justified fear that she would end up as a single mother (this is even with the fact that she had family in Florida). My heart goes out to cases such as the Caucasian American born mother I knew that was concerned about her husband getting deported. However, I’m still unsure about Bernie Sanders plan because there are millions of immigrants already in the U.S. that are still in immigration limbo because of both sides of the political aisle being deeply divided as to the best actions to take for the undocumented immigrants already living here within the U.S.

Bernie Sanders just dropped a massive immigration proposal, with dozens of specifics that pro-immigrant voters will find attractive.

Source: Why Bernie’s New Immigration Plan More Progressive Than Hillary’s


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