online website links from thursday december 3, 2015


online website links from thursday december 3, 2015

Teen Wins $1 Million Early Christmas Gift

How I Paid Off $90,000 of Debt in Three Years

Posted: 05/23/2014 5:27 pm EDT Updated: 07/23/2014 5:59 am EDT

How I Paid Off $90,000 In Debt In Three Years

I found this story inspiring because the woman (Stephanie Hood) featured in this story paid off her student loans while continuing to successfully live on her own, which I understand, can be tricky to do with the competitive job market, in both the government and private sectors.  I say this even with appreciation of family members and friends who accept me because too often even the most well respected media pundits recommend living with family members to cut down on costs. However, that Advice ignores And/or overlooks the fact that, even if A person is the family favorite And/or family golden sheep, depending on family members may be out of the question if family resides in Areas where the job market is tough for even getting A minimum wage job And/or enough jobs paying At least 1400 dollars A month After taxes, let Alone Ample public transportation options.

Town of Swett Costs Less Than a House, Sits ‘Where the Highway Ends and the Wild West Begins’

31 Easy Side Jobs That Will Boost Your Income

What Kids in 2015 Want to Be When They Grow Up

10 Ways to Start Earning Extra Money Now

After Rehab, an Addict Finds New Life in the Kitchen

Rachel Tepper Paley

November 30, 2015

How Food Network Inspired This Blogger to Cook for Her Family at 14

Rachel Tepper Paley

November 9, 2015

Five Ways to Make Passive Income

Need a little extra cash in 2016? Try making passive income with these 5 ideas.

The Highest-Paid TV Personalities 2015

She’s on the move…AGAIN: Taylor Swift dons oversized jumper and UGG boots to film new music video in New Zealand with brother Austin


PUBLISHED: 19:26 EST, 30 November 2015 | UPDATED: 02:31 EST, 1 December

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The world before Instagram: Family’s colour photo albums from the early 1900s show dreamy holidays without the crowds (or obsession with selfies)

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Colorado to Courchevel: Here are TripAdvisor’s most extravagant ski chalets in the world (and they’re so indulgent you may not want to head to the slopes)

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This Detox Lemonade Will Help You Feel Much Better Post Holiday Feast

Pastor marries pregnant teen with wife’s blessing

By Sophia Rosenbaum

From the wife’s picture it is easy to see that she has immense love in her eyes for her husband. However, I prefer to avoid commenting further on this story because this situation, at least if your spouse unintentionally gets a teen pregnant, is one of these scenarios where you can’t really know for sure what you would do unless actually put in that situation.

The author (Chris Reining) of this article (Business Insider’s If You Work Your Whole Life You’re Doing It Wrong) means well. However, this article overlooks the reality that some people work even in jobs that pay them plenty of money because of the fact that there are many people who might be completely bored in their 60’s and beyond without at least working a part-time career.

8 Habits of Great Public Speakers

For private blog showing

Songs to save towards storytelling inspiration

Closer by nine inch nails

More human than human by white zombie

Anubis, never-ending dream, starry eyed by ellie Goulding, love runs out by one republic, give it 2 me by Madonna, ordinary world by Duran Duran

My Lunch With Warren Buffett Changed My Life


  • Long Beach
  • Ontario
  • Venice
  • Ventura
  • San Jose
  • Santa Cruz
  • Slab city×250&gclid=COiH2szav8kCFQErHwod5zQFUg

Swiss Cyber Sale: $300 Savings On Tour & 30% on e-Passes

Chief Justice Roberts Says ‘Quitting Your Job Is A Very Big Deal’

Will the Supreme Court make it harder for workers who are forced to quit because of a discriminatory work environment?

Students “Inspired” After Conclusion of First GSC Module

Hillary Clinton’s campaign made a move that shows how far ahead of her rivals she is

Clinton will unveil $275 billion infrastructure plan to create jobs

Posted by Stella Carrier at 9:00 PM

What Kids in 2015 Want to Be When They Grow Up

Upstate teen mom wins million-dollar early Christmas gift

Piedmont woman accepts $1 million prize from Old Navy

$2 Million Lottery Winner Has Noble Plans to Help Dad

Georgetown Communications Division Shows How to Get Hired with New Survey Results



Retired admiral now supports troops, families at ASYMCA

The Most Powerful Women in Washington

By Leslie Milk | November 12, 2015

George Lucas Has Seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and “Really Liked It”

This is good to know since my husband and I plan on seeing the Star Wars The Force Awakens movie this month (my husband is a Star Wars fan).

See Loki wield Thor’s hammer in a deleted scene fromThor: The Dark World

I told my husband about this deleted Thor 2 link featuring Loki (since Tom Hiddleston’s Loki character is one of my husband’s favorite characters from the Thor film).

future storytelling inspiration

American authors best day of my life

Jimmy eat world in the middle

Outside by the foo fighters

Guess Who in Congress Has $100,000 in Student Loans



Michigan Lawmaker: ‘We Can’t Make An African-American White’

State Sen. Marty Knollenberg says his comments were misinterpreted.




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