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Unexpected Journey  of Obscurity To Recognition?

This Julie and Julia movie DVD purchase was well worth it.  The Julie and Julia movie stars Meryl Streep as Julia Child, Stanley Tucci as Paul Child, Amy Adams as Julie Powell, Chris Messina as Eric Powell etc. Julie yearns to start a cooking blog as a creative release from the usual day to day fare of her job.  Julie’s husband Eric is actually extremely supportive of what she is doing but just wants her to try to not be so serious about it.  The movie also shows a glimpse into the journey of what Julia Child and her husband Paul Child go through during their journeys abroad in Paris and stateside.  Jane Lynch makes an appearance as Julie Child’s sister. I did like that the movie depicted an honest reality of how you want to be careful in how you mention your current employer on your blog in case they look at it if you go from obscurity to gaining more recognition and/or fame(Julie Powell’s employer gave her a warning but I’m

aware that not all employers will give a warning, although I’d be surprised if any of the managers at my job look at any of my blogs for reasons I prefer to not go into).I’m intuitively feeling guided to avoid saying more about the Julie and Julia movie for those who have yet to see Julie and Julia but I would like to say this; I think that it is inspirational and a great thing that Julie Powell achieved recognition for her blog and fame that led to a movie deal. I see nothing wrong with that. However, I do feel that it is important to want to blog, write, and/or be a screenwriter etc. regardless of whether you stay an obscure writer or a famous writer and/or how many supporters you may have (due to the fact that sheer enjoyment/passion in blogging and writing can sustain you both during happy and challenging times in your life and regardless of what critics may think). However, I did enjoy how the Julie and Julia movie showed a glimpse behind the decision making that can sometimes influence whether and/or when a book is published.  The following special features are attributed to the phenomenal Julie and Julia DVD; Secret Ingredients Creating Julie and Julia and Commentary with Writer/Director Nora Ephron.

The Complexity of Soul Destiny

The Mists of Avalon deals with the delicate and controversial question on- via scriptwriting-between what a people may want in their life versus their destiny.  The special features of the Mists of Avalon dvd list some of the following actors and actresses; Anjelica Huston as Viviane High Priestess of Avalon and Lady of the Lake, Juliana Marguiles as Morgaine, Joan Allen as Marguise, Samantha Mathis as Gwenhyear, Caroline Goodall as Igraine, Edward Atterton as Arthur, Michael Vartan as Lancelot, Michael Byrne as Merlin, and Hans Matheson as Mordred.  The character of Viviane has the difficult task of somehow  bringing together Uther (Mark Lewis Jones)and Igraine while simultaneously helping Morgaine live up to outline of her destiny (while also preserving the spirit power of Avalon and enlisting the help of Merlin).  The movie also shows what happens when Morgaine decides to go without Viviane’s counsel for a while (which unexpectedly gave me the idea to eventually look into asking a life coach for help in 2016).  Anyhow, Morgaine is close both her family members Arthur and Lancelot.  Arthur’s wife Gwenhwyfar means well but is conflicted in her marriage due to her unexpected romantic interest in Lancelot.  The Mystic’s Dream song by Loreena Mckennitt plays in part of the movie. Despite my interest in screenwriting, I must avoid getting too much more into the plot for concern of giving too much detail away especially with the controversy of how Mordred is conceived-which is equally shocking on the level of the movie Excalibur. Anyhow, some of the special features attributed to the Mists of Avalon dvd- Costumes (Shows the Design Costume Sketches of various characters), storyboards And Additional scenes. The following Are some of the Additional scenes; roundtable scene involving Uther Pendragon, Morgaine’s father, And the other knights of the roundtable, Morgaine’s sword dance, Raven’s mystical prayer, Viviane And Merlin discuss the future, Morgaine Attacked in Cottage, Mordred Arrests Arthur, Morgause lobbies for Mordred to be king. The Spoken languages of the Mists of Avalon DVD; English, Francais (French), and subtitles in English, Francais, Espanol, and Portuguese.

Unexpected Marital Alliance

Goin South stars Jack Nicholson As Henry Moon,Mary Steenburgen As Julie Tate, Christopher Lloyd As Deputy Towfield, John Belushi As Deputy Hector, Danny Devito As Hog etc. (Devito was listed to have originally been in Hoffa with Nicholson which is Also A good movie).  Henry Moon is about to be executed when he is saved from AN older woman who offers her hand in marriage in exchange for having his life spared. The town Agrees to such unconventional deals because of the shortage of eligible bachelors in the Area during the time.  The woman who at first offers herself drops dead but then Julie Tate, related to the woman who had just died, Agrees to take him in.  Complicating matters is the fact that Deputy Towfield Actually has romantic feelings for Julie Tate (both Lloyd and Steenburgen have also been in Back to the Future Three together). Additionally, Julie Admits the real reason to Moon on why she agreed to take him as her husband.  I did enjoy the portrayal on how Henry Moon and Julie Tate Actually romantically grow on each other.  I was just surprised about the ending; however I’m still glad that I purchased the Goin South DVD.

Enjoying Life Type of Anthem

I Admit that I unexpectedly found out About this song Life Is Beautiful by Sixx;Am  back Around 2008 when I was living in Norfolk, Virginia  (I was driving to work And I heard this song As I was tuning the radio station dial for A good song).  Without looking up the full meaning of this meaningful rock song, I’m guessing Life is Beautiful has to do with enjoying life and seeing the brilliance in it regardless of what is going on externally.  The guitars in Life is Beautiful harmonize perfectly with the lyrics to the results of impeccable timing.

Catchy Party Song

This song Sax by Fleur East intrigued me because of the upbeat and exciting vibe that goes Along with the vocals and dance/pop music of the song.  Additionally, the music video shows the singer being truly happy which comes out expressively through the song.  Without looking up the full meaning, I’m guessing that Sax by Fleur East  is about telling A crush that you romantically dig them but you want to know first about their music Ability And/or the sax is just A metaphoric meaning for wanting to know how the person Approaches life.  Either way, this is a good and cheery song.

Introduced to Cascada in 1006/2007

I Admit that I was not familiar with Cascada’s music until Around 2006/2007 when my husband And I were living on the May port Naval Base (in Florida).  I had heard the Everytime We Touch song on one of the local radio stations which intrigued me to eventually purchase this cd (which ‘m happy to say that I did). Why? Well for starters the upbeat dance and electronic music with a happy vibe that was not as easily available on local radio at the time, especially with the hits Truly Madly Deeply (A polite musical tribute to Savage Garden) and superb Neverending Dream.  Everytime We Touch by Cascada is perfect if you Are into romantic electronic/dance music.

Music Heart of Depeche Mode

Songs of Faith And Devotion capture some brilliant electronic/rock hybrid songs from the career of Depeche Mode such As the heartfelt but melodic In Your Room, the Ability to put oneself through Another’s perspective via Walking In My Shoes, And the romantic I Feel You As well As more meaningful songs within the collection of Songs of Faith And Devotion.  I Admit that I easily recognize the song I Feel You because (Around the time I was 12 or 13) I saw the music video to I Feel You (either through MTV or VH1) And I noticed the Actress Lysette Anthony from the Dark Shadows TV series (it was Almost A 90s version of the True Blood series that I only knew About because my late Adoptive mother was curious to watch it when it aired on tv). What is also great About Songs of Faith And Devotion is the band’s Ability to touch upon difficult to talk about subjects in a music way such As with the song Condemnation-which from the song meanings site mentions that the song is about faith in God versus human judgement.


A Music Celebration?

The Wedding Album by Duran Duran is a strong music collection for people who enjoy mixes of synth-pop and light hints of electronic music.  I admit that I still enjoy the song Ordinary World just As much as I first did when I heard it around the time I was 13 years old (back in 1993).  However, there are other good songs on the Wedding Album by Duran Duran such as Come Undone, Too Much Information, etc.  A brilliant feature of The Wedding Album by Duran Duran is the music theme of touching on delicate situations in relationships such As where the singer appears to ask somebody the difficult question of how they are really feeling in Come Undone As well as coming to terms with their own feelings.

90’s Foo Fighters

My first introduction to Foo Fighters came through one of the local rock radio stations (Around the time I was between 14-15 years old) that played the song I’ll Stick Around.   The rock music on The Colour And The Shape continues the innovative music trend with Hero (Also Affiliated with the Varsity blues movie soundtrack), Everlong, And Walking After You. Without looking up the online meaning of Everlong, I’m guessing that Everlong has to be about somebody who left a major positive impact on the singer.  Anyhow, The Colour And The Shape is ideal for someone who likes 90’s Alternative rock music.

Another Rock Group From My Teen Years

I was around 13-15 years old when I first heard the music of nirvana. One or more of my family members kept playing music from Nirvana frequently at night; As A result there was a time period that I often went to sleep to the music of Nirvana. I’m also familiar with the music of Nevermind by Nirvana because one of the local radio rock stations played multiple nirvana songs during the 90’s As well As the fact that MTV and/or VH1 Also featured their music.  Aside from the iconic Smells Like Teen Spirit song, there are other classics on Nevermind by Nirvana such As In Bloom, Come As You Are, Polly and Lithium.  One of the multiple strong qualities of Nevermind by Nirvana is the emotional honesty portrayed in some of the  life theme songs such As Lithium where the song takes the stigma of extreme depression yet turns it into A musical Art form without minimizing the whole concept behind not being Able to just simply wish Away depression And in come As you Are  which highlights expectations  in regards to people’s behavior (I Admit to Also using songfacts As A reference to help me further understand the meanings behind Lithium And Come As You Are).

Beach Bonfire Music?

Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House captures a blend of indie rock music with elements of a coffeehouse vibe.  She’s So Lovely, Majorette, And The Traveler Are some of the multiple songs that capture the imagery note of A fun yet easygoing summer night on Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House.

Songs Filled With Emotion

As with millions of others, Wicked Game was the song that introduced me to the music of Chris Isaak. I was only a preteen when I was first introduced to Wicked Game via the radio and what was either the Vh1 and/or MTV channel. However, the best of Chris Isaak Also has these other musical gems within this collection; Blue, Hotel, Baby Did a Bad Thing (for the Eyes Wide Shut film), and more on A music set that combines soft and hard rock.

90’s Industrial Rock

As with many others, I became familiar with the music of nine inch nails as a 14-15 year old teenager (of the 1990’s) via the song Closer courtesy of local rock radio And MTV. Broken by Nine Inch Nails was A collection that I first purchased around the time I was 16-17 years old. The music on this Album got me through A highly transitional time on my life (my life at school was fine but I would like to show some respect towards my family members by not elaborating on my family/personal life especially since I’m logically Aware that I’m An extremely lucky person compared to many others).  Anyhow, there are some controversial hard rock/industrial rock songs on Broken by Nine Inch Nails such As Last and Physical that contain unadulterated emotion and pushes the envelope type of musical imagery.  This set may have only 8 songs yet Broken still packs A musical punch because of the experimental rock music that goes Along with the shocking themes And lyrics contained within these songs such As on tracks three And eight.

Abstract Music For The Soul?

Black Star by David Bowie is A on of A kind electronic And chillout music type of hybrid song. I confess that I still do not yet know the full meaning of this song. However, the music video for the song is currently online for those who may want to make A go At it in terms of seeing, hearing And/or understanding the music video And/or song. The Atmospheric music and haunting vocals remind me in a positive way of Le Voyage Dans LA Lune by Air.

Electronic/Trance Music Journey

True Colors by Zedd captures the positive essence of dance/electronic hits with such music as Beautiful Now (feat. Jon Bellion) And I Want You To Know (Feat. Selena Gomez).   True Colors by Zedd is an excellent music collection to listen to if you Are familiar with any of his previous songs and/or like electronic/dance music.

Emily’s Unexpected Journey

Quest for the Keys (LEGO Elves: Chapter Book #1) by Stacia Deustch And Scholastic tells the tale of the character of Emily Jones who sees the world through bright rich colors partially because of her grandmother. Both Emily’s parents also happen to love her dearly. However, the fact that Emily’s parents Are both Scientists who strongly believe in the necessity of proof for certain theories influences the fact that she has to be mindful of what she says to them.  Anyhow, Emily’s life gets dramatically changed when she ends up in A mystical world called Elvendale with fortunately friendly inhabitants who Are willing to help her find her way back to her chosen destination.  There is also a listed 23 minute Lego Elves movie that helps greatly in filling in the details of this colorful family friendly story.  As An Aspiring writer/screenwriter I enjoyed how both the Lego Elves story And the film show the power of belief and friendship.

A pop and R&B love song

The morning sun by robin thicke is a romantic soul, pop, and R&B type of song. Morning Sun appears to be about a tune that expresses the intense love that you have for someone.  Additionally, the happy vibe of Morning Sun by Robin Thicke reminds me of his 2008 Magic song.

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