11 Creative Ways to Volunteer

National Volunteer Week starts April 6, but plenty of organizations could use your help year-round. If you’re looking to donate your time or talents, see how you can set to work any skills you have—as diverse as singing, knitting, gaming, or even arm-wrestling—to make other lives better.

Source: 11 Creative Ways to VolunteerI do not dare to keep this link to tell anyone else what to do. Rather, I am keeping this link in highly visible places (online) as encouragement to myself of what I can get out there to do when it is tempting for me to chill out on the couch andor binge watch or sleep more.

8 Tiny Homes You Can Buy for the Price of a Luxury Car

If you know someone who’s been especially good this year—and you’re feeling very generous—you need to check out our roundup of prefab and DIY housing structures that you could gift this holiday. (And if you give one of these, you’ll probably walk away with the best gift-giver award too.) Unlike other very generous gifts (car, anyone?), a house or fun dwelling can last forever and will, in many cases, appreciate in value. So while we doubt that many people put ‘tiny house’ on their wish list, we’re sure no one would mind receiving one of these.

Source: 8 Tiny Homes You Can Buy for the Price of a Luxury Car