Halo of Dreams Freestyle mini story by Stella Carrier

Freestyle Mini Story minus the longer resource, affirmation, song list

Songs Used Today

This beautiful song Halo by Beyonce reminds me of my husband Rusty Ridler.

Halo by Beyonce

Dreams by Van Halen
Halo of Dreams Freestyle mini story by Stella Carrier

Start time 1151 pm

End time

Aisha Thomas is relaxing by the beach with her amazing husband  Elliott Thomas.  He actually reminds her of the song Halo by Beyonce when it comes to their marriage. They have won a relaxing trip to Walt Disneyland complete with paid lodging in a storytelling contest that Aisha entered. Aisha is relaxing next to her husband Elliott as she looks at inspiring stories online of Giada De Laurentis in Pop Sugar, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and a list of successful female chefs. Aisha realizes that many of these women tapped into living a life in alignment with their divine live purpose even without them realizing it.

Aisha notices that the song Dreams by Van Halen plays in what appears to be a pop up mobile home right on the beach just a few yards from her. She sees a version of herself serving food out of this mobile home type trailer and is being visited by someone dressed in a frog/toad prince costume. Aisha figures out that this food is some specialty she is making (such as Subway specializing in sandwiches, i.e. Mcdonalds specializing in burgers etc.). However, before Aisha could figure out the food she is serving as a small business owner she is gently woken up by one of her husband’s loving kisses.




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21 Kickass Female Chefs Who Are Changing the Food Industry



12 Things You Don’t Know About Giada De Laurentiis


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