Unexpected Beneficial Destination Freestyle Story by Stella Carrier

Unexpected Beneficial Destination Freestyle Story by Stella Carrier

Freestyle Mini Story minus the longer resource, affirmation, song list

Start time 1151 pm Tuesday March 14, 2017

End time 1216 am Wednesday March 15, 2017

Marilyn Jacob left her native Australia just one day shy of Valentine’s Day (February 15) with just 100 dollars in her pocket and a head full of Hollywood dreams with a one way ticket to California. Marilyn was able to secure a lot of modeling jobs in her hometown of Perth Australia because she looked like the popular lead singer of the Divinyls  in the music video to the controversial hit song I Touch Myself. It was a rough going 3 months in San Diego as she set about going to modeling jobs. Finally, Marilyn Jacob’s lucky break unexpectedly came when she unexpectedly met a man at a San Diego Community College who looked like one of the singers in the Too Close music video by Next named Theo Mills.  He has been happily married to Nessa Mills for the past 25 years. Nessa looked like one of the dancers from Flo Rida’s Right Round music video.

Nessa and Theo Mills taught different art classes from the San Diego Community college that they both  were instructors at. They were close friends with two adopted sisters named Veronica and Aileen Webb who had been adopted by two former park workers in Canada who were curious to start a new life in California. Veronica resembled Miley Cyrus from the Party in the USA video while Aileen resembled Sam White from the +1 music video by Martin Solveig (feat. Sam White).  Veronica and Aileen Webb were encouraged to start their own public relations agency at the age of 30 and by 35 both women were netting at least 3 million dollars a year in taxes for themselves despite only having associate degrees in history when they started their joint agency. The two sister’s work was attracting the attention of Hollywood types because a multiple number of their advertisements were inspired by the Mad Men television show, but they were able to make them into their own brilliant creations.  Just yesterday, Veronica and Aileen Webb found out that one of their ads was going to be used in an upcoming Hollywood movie. This film actually required a role for a 45 year old woman from Australia due to a joint project that Australia and Hollywood were working on. Where Marilyn Jacob came in was the fact that Theo Mills shared that he and his wife Nessa were approached by the sisters if they knew of someone for the role. Marilyn Jacob had just completed an online bachelor’s degree in California that she started in Australia just last month and she was inquiring about opportunities to get drawn by an artist at the colleges for money when Theo overheard Marilyn. Marilyn mentioned to him about her past success as a personal trainer as a side gig to her modeling that helped at least seven women lose major weight and regain their thinner figures. He was understandably unsure until his wife Nessa, who taught marketing online in the summers, was impressed by Marilyn Jacob’s online marketing degree that she started 7 years ago with a 3.9 grade point average while juggling a full time job and living in two different places (Australia and then California). The month of June was approaching and Nessa whispered to her husband Theo to at least give Marilyn Jacobs a temporary chance to work in the ad campaign as a model (that was being spearheaded by the Webb sisters) for at least the month of June and July.






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I admit that I took the easier way today in selecting songs for the stories by simply deciding to feature the following songs that played randomly on the luckystella favorites radio on iheartradio less than 3.5 hours ago in the following order:

+1 by Martin Solveig feat. Sam White

Right Round by Flo Rida

Too Close by Next

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

I Touch Myself by the DiVinyls


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