Raising Her Glass Freestyle Story by Stella Carrier

Raising Her Glass Freestyle Story by Stella Carrier

Inspired by the song Raise Your Glass by Pink


Hazel is a 55 year old public relations specialist for Old Navy in San Francisco who has a life where she seems to have it all, as far as both her supporters and critics may say. First off, Hazel has the looks because she resembles in physical appearance lead singer Fergie who is part of the Black Eyed Peas group. Hazel was even able to recently get offered a job on the side as a model to the theme of one of Fergie’s songs L.A. Love.

Hazel met her now 45 year old husband Bet, an Eminem lookalike,at a Anime Convention in the Dragon Ball Z section just five years ago. Hazel was there to help one of her clients promote the convention. Bet had just moved to California just five days prior to the Anime Convention after helping with event planning events for the public relations department for Georgetown University. Bet had also gotten finished with helping a cousin, who is an online professor at one of universities in Norfolk Virginia, plan a wedding event.


Hazel was actually speaking to her parents who have been married over 35 years near one of the Dragon Ball Z stage platforms. They needed her help with an event that they were helping to plan for their 36 year wedding anniversary. Bet felt an urge to talk to her for whatever reason, and risked it by asking Hazel’s parents if they are open to a certain hotel that he named at Disneyland. Much to Bet’s surprise, they agreed and 6 months later after their 36th wedding anniversary they asked Bet how he was successful in choosing a good place for their wedding anniversary. By this time, Bet and Hazel had been dating for a year and so he told them. It turns out Bet’s parents, who are both still alive and are 98 and 99 years old, were concert promoters and previous event planners for Robert Palmer and Belinda Carlisle concerts. Bet’s parents actually met as concert promoters during the performance of Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle. Heaven is a Place on Earth was also of special significance to Hazel as it played shortly after she made up her mind to open her own public relations business at the age of 44 regardless if others thought it was her heaven ordained destiny.

Bet’s mother also made some extra money as a songwriter because as she decided to become one after being inspired by the song Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer to pen some songs under a penname. However, tonight, Hazel and Bet receive a phone call from Bet’s parents in regards to Bet and his brother Brian. Both Brian and Bet are 45 years old by now (as they are both twins) and know about the large sum of money they are set to inherit if their parents pass away but they are not concerned about that.

However, Bet’s parents tell Bet and Hazel that they must work something out with Brian to split their 750,000 dollar fortune 3 ways. However, the conflict is that Bet has 4 kids who are all in college in the Washington D.C. area. Brian makes a good living making at least 90,000 dollars a year after taxes maintaining websites such as Volunteer match and promoting 80s bands in the area. Brian recently made 2500 dollars after taxes for his share in helping to organize an 80s music event in Bethesda Maryland that  included the group Miami Sound Machine Conga. Brian’s wife Betty is a Cyndi Lauper lookalike who organizes events for volunteer match and has gained increased popularity in the area for helping both temporarily unemployed and long term unemployed people in volunteer positions in the area as well as strong job placement in her work as an employment counselor, successfully placing many of them in year round government jobs. Brian has also made a lot of money as a marketer and in the stock market as he used some of the principles from the kindlebooks of The Lifechanging Magic of You money by Brandon Bosworth and Internet Marketing from  the Real Experts to garner a fortune of at least 125,000 dollars after taxes for him and Betty. However, both Brian and Cyndy feel that they should be given 500,000 dollars because they have four kids while Bet and Hazel only have two kids. Bet and Hazel have to carefully decide what to do while trying to keep their relationship with Brian and Cyndy in tact.




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Serve Youth at Summer Meal Sites in Maryland


Serve Youth At Summer Meal Sites in Maryland



songs resources

L.A. Love by Fergie

Conga by Miami Sound Machine

Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer

Heaven is A Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle

Raise Your Glass by Pink

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