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Ragan’s Social Media Conference at Disney

At this conference, you’ll learn how to use social media to develop solid engagement with your brand through social listening, authentic stories and messages your customers and employees can’t wait to share!I can at least dream about  attending within 2 years or less from now

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Sound Off: Oprah or Mattis for President?

After you’ve Made America Great Again, what’s left to prove for the World’s Most Famous Man? If Donald Trump (who will be 74 in 2020) decides to move on, we’ll need a new president. Oprah Winfrey has suddenly become a factor in 2020 after her barn-burner of a speech at the 2018 Golden Globes.

Source: Sound Off: Oprah or Mattis for President?I spoke up as bravely as I could yesterday about admitting that I would vote for Oprah Winfrey if she did run for the Democrat ticket more because I feel that she would actually care about men women and children from both wealthy and other socio-economic classes, in addition to the fact that she is a self-made success story. However, I still stand by my sentiment that because of what Hillary Clinton went through that the ticket has to be one male and one female due to my feeling that our country still has a long way to go in order to embrace a female President. I notice that some mainstream media articles want to ignore that reality but that is the way it currently is. Yes, I still have hope that a female can become President of the United States by the year 2040 or sooner, it is just that I am concerned that many voters are going to expect whatever woman to run to have both political experience as well as private sector experience (just a feeling). Yes, Oprah has undeniable private success that Trump was able to sail into the Presidency on, but that is my point, As a woman, regardless of how fair it is, she is going to have to be held to a higher standard on what she has to have by other women not just other men. Additionally, it is common knowledge that many women in their 40s or older who were suppose to support Hillary Clinton actually went for Trump. I’m not implying that Oprah Winfrey should not even try, that is far from what I am implying. Rather, I am just implying that she needs to assume that winning the Presidency may be just as tough for her as it was Hillary Clinton and make sure that she is going to have enough women from all ages and races to go to bat for her (due to it being common knowledge that President Donald Trump picked up the type of votes from significant percentages of women who the mainstream media would have assumed were going to go for Hillary Clinton). I have actually talked to a woman younger than myself before connected to my workplace who much to my surprise seemed to be for Trump winning rather Clinton but out of respect I will keep her identity secret but I intuitively know that she was probably far from alone.That is another thing too-I’m in for voting for Oprah but the Democrat party needs to avoid taking the votes of various people from middle class and more challenging socio-economic classes for granted. I say this not to sound mean but to point out that it is obvious to even a woman such as myself that one of the reasons that Trump was able to surprise many and win the Presidency is that he tapped into the votes of men and women who most likely felt that their votes were being taken for granted because of them being at a certain income level. Yes I get and understand that a politician must also know how to get along with voters from wealthy income classes. It is just that it would be to both her (Oprah’s) benefit and that of other mainstream media writers to go across the country and ask men and women from various races and socio-economic classes who they want for President. Yes, you are going to get different answers but to at least go into different areas of the United States to get the answers and why will help both political parties understand what many Americans want in a President. Despite my politics I actually feel that Condoleeza Rice would also make a great President but it is obvious that she is probably not going to run. I have nothing against James Mattis either which I admit makes me conflicted because he has important military experience that can translate into being a good leader even with him being employed under the current Presidential Administration.